Frontline – The Miniature Game
The war in the Pacific and South East Asia 1941-45 – Frontline Miniature Core Rules

After two years full of work we are very proud to release our new Core Rulebook, created for war games in the Pacific and South East Asia in WW2 to replay historical battles. We now offer together with our battle organizer books a complete game system for a great gaming experience. The battles were fought hard on a large area in the Pacific and its islands between the Japanese mainland and Midway. In December 1941, the Japanese started their attack against the Allies by bombing the US fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. But they not only attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, they started the same day attacks e.g. on Wake Island, British Malaya as well. The war in the Pacific raged on until the formal surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945.


What you need to play?
– You need the FRONTLINE CORE MINIATURE RULEBOOK. It’s now available in our online shop!
Jetzt auch in Deutsch!
Have a quick look into the book: Watch the Video!
– And you need space and some scenery to set up a typical Pacific Battle field, with beach, palms or even jungle areas! You can be creative and design your own scenery. You can find many resources online in our forum – Frontline-Forum
– Tabletop Armies – You can choose between many manufactures and sizes!
We designed a small range of special miniatures to order by shapeways. You can find this selection in our Frontline Miniature Shop. We will add new models from time to time.



Tarawa: November 20 – 23, 1943 – Frontline Campaign

A day in history: A special three days campaign – three days of fierce battle. With our frontline ruleset we did refight this famous battle.

“The capture of Tarawa knocked down the front door to the Japanese defenses in the Central Pacific.” Admiral Nimitz 1943

The Campaign – Tarawa – More here




More books and inspiration needed?

Yes, you can add our Battle Organizer Books to your collection to create armies and get more information about WWII in the Pacific and South East Asia. We have these outstanding books in our range: “Beach Red”, “Tokyo Express”, “Tarawa” and “Great Asia War”.

We even offer digital Battle Organizers for iOS and Android devices.

Here you find the complete book range.