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Miniatures for the Pacific War

With the Frontline Core Rules you can choose between many manufactures and sizes. Based on historical facts the books for tabletop gamers cover this period and enable tabletop gamer to refight the famous battles. For any size of tabletop miniatures from 1/100 to 1/72 or 1/56 (28 mm).
We play with miniatures from Battlefront, Eureka, Bolt Action, Skytracks, Old Glory, S&S, Gaming Models, etc. Sometimes, you need very unique and special models for the Pacific / South East Asia, e.g. Japanese Ka-Tsu Tank, Ho-Ki Armored Personnel Carrier, Japanese Soko SS-Ki Pioneer Tank, Steel Pillboxes, Daihatsu Landing Boats and more. We designed a small range of special miniatures to order by Shapeways. You can find this selection in our Frontline Miniature Shop at Shapeways: Frontline Miniature Shop We add new models from time to time.

Japanese WWII Soko pioneer tank model

Japanese WWII Ka-Tsu Torpedo tank

Japanese Ka-Mi Amphibious tank

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Pacific War Scenery and Terrain

In our forum we collected a huge collection where to buy terrain. Always feel free and welcome to join in the forum to add sources or sell your scenery and terrain.
One of the biggest parts of a tabletop hobby is collecting nice miniatures and of course painting. You will need space and some scenery to set up a typical Pacific battlefield, with beach, palms or even jungle areas. You can be creative and design your own scenery. With our video tutorial “How to build your own Pacific Landing Beach” we will give you some inspiration to build your own sceneries. Tutorial: How to build a Pacific Landing Beach Table

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Visit our channels to see our models. E.g. Typ 4 Ha-To – Japanese heavy mortar carrier: Model for tabletop games

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Our Dailymotion Video Channel: Red Octopus Entertainment


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