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Pacific & South East Asia 1941 – 45: Rulebook / Regelwerk (english & deutsch)
Battle Organizer Books: Tarawa, Guadalcanal (Beach Red & Tokyo Express), Great Asia War
Tabletop miniatures size: 1/100 to 1/72 to 1/56 (28mm).

Great Asia War
Japanese and US Forces in Asia and the Pacific 1941 – 1945

Frontline – “Great Asia War” – Pacific Theatre 1941 – 1945 (Book#) FR004 – 216 pages, softcover book, printed in good quality and in full colour. Contains Allied lists and Japanese lists, special rules for the armies, a story part about the setting and the historical battles from December 1941 to 1945 between Allied and the Japanese forces. (Book and PDF)

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Spotlight: What’s in the Book

This book covers the Japanese expansion after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 until the end of war in September 1945. 
Contains a large number of lists, special rules, story parts about the setting of the historical battles, e.g. Battle of Manila. 

– 2nd / 6th Australian Commando Squadron
– 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion
– British Motor Infantry Brigade
– British Armoured Brigade
– Chindits Commandos in Burma
– Chinese Expeditionary Mechanized Company
– Chinese Expeditionary Tank Company
– IJA Invasion Forces 1942 – 1944
– IJA Defense Forces 1944 – 1945
– IJN Marine Paratroopers 1942
– IJN Special Naval Forces 1944 – 1945
– Japanese Tank Companies 1942 – 1945
– Dutch Companies 1942
– US Companies in the Philippines 1942
– US Marine Companies 1944 – 1945

Plus: Historical overview, extra story parts about the setting of historical battles (e.g. Manila, Iwo Jima, Okinawa), detailed maps, cards, inspiring photos and 3D graphics 

Until the formal surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945, a great number of battles were fought both on sea and land. Both sides suffered heavy losses and casualties. Based on historical facts this book creates briefings for playing Allied and Japanese tabletop armies and enables gamers to refight famous battles. 

About the Books

Based on historical facts the books cover the period 1941 – 1945 and create briefings for playing Allied/US and Japanese tabletop armies and enable wargamers to refight the famous battles in Burma, the Philippines, the East Indies, Solomon Islands and New Guniea, including Guadalcanal, Bourgainville and at last the Gilbert Island campaign with the Battle of Tarawa, the landing on Betio Island in November 1943, the battles for Saipan 1944 and Iwo Jima 1945. You can choose from various lists and historical briefings for appropriate company sized battles for any size of tabletop miniatures from 1/100 to 1/72 or 28mm. In the books and in our apps we included all you need to set up your armies for this specific Pacific theatre. You can configure your company with a typical HQ, Combat and Weapons Platoons and of course some support units. You find all this in full overview on the company diagrams, with special rules, point values and more to use for many rule systems and, of course, our Core Rulebook for the Pacific and South East Asia.

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