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First Guadalcanal Battle 5000 points!

First Guadalcanal Battle!

Action Report about the first Guadalcanal battle, 5000 points, 4 players, 7 hours playing time:

We meet to play the new lists from our new Midwar Books. We were in four so 2 of us played the Allies with US Paratroopers and Infantry from the Australian Allies, and two of us took the Japanese with the famous Kawaguchi Detachment and an IJA South East Company with bicycles and tanks. The Mission was Breakthrough and the Objectives were around Henderson field!!!

(You find these lists in Tokyo Express or Beach Red and in Great Asia War.)

The Japanese took the positions East and west from the Airfield and the Allies dug in to await the attack!

The Japanese had Battleship Naval gun fire and opened the bombardment.

But the US and Australian forces lost only two teams!

There was no chance for the Jap. SE Company to destroy the US Bunkers but Kawaguchi came with his force through the jungle and attacked the US flank!

This ended in a bloody assault and the Allies learnt what a banzai attack is!

Some Japanese Tanks from the SE took on the remaining platoons and the first battle for the airfield was won!

This was a great and hard battle for us, lots of fun!

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Nice terrain, but a bit brief in the description. Love historical  mega battles

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thank you, yes, its very short and we will play that again, as there are many more details to add:-)