Frontline – The Miniature Core Rules and Books

An important theatre in WWII was the Pacific War from 1941 – 1945.

Frontline covers this timeline with historical based books and the Miniature Core Rule book. It is worth learning more about this theatre and the settings, and we must admit: Yes, we love the Pacific for its beauty! As we dived into history while creating lists for Tarawa, Guadalcanal and South East Asia, we realised that there was a general need for rules as the setting is special, especially rules for planes and aircombat were needed. As a result now the Core Rules are waiting to accompany you into the battles!


Frontline – The Miniature Core Rules
FR005 – Miniature Core Rules

The Frontline Miniature Core Rulebook covers all rules you need to reenact battles in the Pacific and South East Asia, including dogfights.

It works for these miniature sizes: 1:100, 1:72, 1:56


Frontline – The Miniature Books
In our books

FR001 – Beach Red
FR002 – Tokyo Express
FR003 – Tarawa
FR004 – Great Asia War

you can learn more about the historical background of the battles, with many cards and maps to understand the settings. In the books you find lists to reenact the battles.

Additionally, you can buy the organizer tools to create your armies and calculate points.